We do windows!! And doors and floors, kitchens and bathrooms, additions and also demolitions. If it’s residential or commercial construction, we do it.

RESIDENTIAL Construction Services

We customise our services to give you exactly the result you’re after. We work very closely with our clients beginning with design and planning, so we are on the same page from day one. Our design experts help give shape and form to the improvements you’re picturing for your home, and then we make it happen. Nothing is left to chance, nothing falls through the cracks.


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Your kitchen holds the heartbeat of your home. You want it to be beautiful and welcoming, and it also needs to be practical and functional. We can bring you best practices in modern design, and unique touches in details such as cabinetry. Have a look at some examples: Click here


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Updating a bathroom can give your whole house a lift and feeling of freshness. Our expert tradespeople ensure bathrooms are built to work and built to last, from new fixtures to floors, lighting, and decor. Here are a few bathrooms we’ve transformed but you’re sure to have your own unique ideas!

Large Scale Renovations

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Maybe you want to re-do your whole main floor, move some walls, open up your space, modernise your decor. We can help you get a design that will help your dream materialise, then work with you on selecting materials and phasing in the work.

Commercial Construction Services

We love to take on big, complex commercial projects because we have everything we need to deliver quality results. We also do ongoing maintenance and upgrades to all types of commercial properties.


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We’re ready to build whatever you need. We’ve built large scale, multi-tiered commercial decks for hotels; banquet rooms for existing restaurants; and Todd has extensive experience managing start to finish construction of 52 story hotel.


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Commercial properties often need to be freshened up and adjusted for evolving uses. We can re-do your exterior lighting, enhance interior design and finishes, or re-purpose existing space to suit your business needs.


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Sometimes it all has to come down to make way for something new. We are experts at large scale demolition and site preparation, and we have the tools we need at hand.

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